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Sara Fatbottom
Kyle Shyttles
Phil Absconder
Bunny Bell Pasht
Hop and Fan He
Tim and Lexi Hades

Co-written, Produced, and directed by

Jaclyn Hales and ash lendzion

Distributed by

bleav Podcast network

Executive Produced by

black label media

 Heather morris

nick bolton

marilee stafford

Deb Clifford


 Produced by

Joshua Fisher

Alexander Tassopoulos

Skye Salt

Andrea Getz

Mary ann Mullane

Gabrielle smith

Sound editor and engineer

Alex carter

sound design

Tim McKeown

music by

Tory Cummins


Jane Lynch as The Narrator

Kristin Chenoweth as Bunny Bell Pasht

Michael Hitchcock as Detective Lou Louie

oscar Nuñez as Phil Absconder

August Nuñez as Frankie Absconder

Karen Huie as Fan He

Jim Lau as Hop He

Matt Mattson as Tim Hades

Jaclyn Hales as Lexi Hades

Ki Hong Lee as Kyle Shyttles

Ash lendzion as Sara Fatbottom

Machete Bang Bang as Pasta

Victoria Atkin as Rebexa

with Heather morris as marsha


Ed Westwick as Rick the Killer

artwork by


Sounds like a million bucks.

A. Carter Photo.JPG

Alex Carter sound editor & engineer

Tory Cummins is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and composer based in Los Angeles.  


Tory grew up in Knoxville Tennessee learning music from his father, Clyde Foley Cummins. Starting with the trumpet, he learned over a dozen more instruments, including guitar and drums. By age 11, Tory was performing in front of thousands of people at various theaters, venues, and state fairs with his father’s traveling band.  


After moving to Los Angeles at age 28 to become an independent music producer and solo artist, Tory discovered a new love for music in the form of composing.  With influences like Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Tool, and King Crimson, Tory’s music is versatile and progressive.

Alex Carter is an audio engineer and mixer based in Nashville, TN. He has worked with Grammy-winning artists and engineers, Tony and Emmy recipients, and top-level athletes. Carter has 8 album credits in various genres, including assisting on the 2020 Grammy-winning Fisk Jubilee Singers Celebrating Fisk - the 150th Anniversary Album. In the past two years, Carter has mixed/mastered over 300 podcast episodes and currently works as the Senior Audio Engineer at Bleav Podcast network. 


Carter holds a Master's of Fine Arts in Recording Technologies from Middle Tennessee State University where he learned to make bad things sound good, and good things sound bad (intentionally of course). There, Carter studied human hearing and spatial audio as part of his MFA final project Zen and the Art of Virtual Gardening, a project that involved creating a 3-dimensional virtual landscape playable on the HTC Vive. 


When he's not working, you can find Carter producing fat hip-hop beats, taking long walks with his wife Amanda, gardening, or chopping wood for a fire.



Tory Cummins composer

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